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Mark Zuckerberg’s candid audio take on the current privacy concerns at Facebook.

The Facebook Founder and CEO admits failure and lays plans for a more mature Facebook

Mark Zuckerberg just gave the most candid look yet into his thoughts about Cambridge Analytica, data privacy and Facebook’s sweeping developer platform changes during a conference call with reporters today. Sounding alternately vulnerable about his past negligence and confident about Facebook’s  strategy going forward, Zuckerberg took nearly an hour of tough questions.

You can read a transcript here and listen to a recording of the call below:

This is Zuckerberg’s strongest statement yet about his and Facebook’s failure to anticipate worst-case scenarios, which has led to a string of scandals that are now decimating the company’s morale. Spelling out how policy means nothing without enforcement, and pairing that with a massive reduction in how much data app developers can request from users makes it seem like Facebook is ready to turn over a new leaf.


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