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Uber-lite for India launched

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  • The app is less than 5MB
  • The app provides a 300 millisecond response time

Uber-lite is launching today in India before rolling out to more countries, though there’s still a waitlist form instead of a download link. The Android app takes up just 5 megabytes.

The app’s 300-millisecond response time means its quick to hail a ride, even for the 4 percent of users in India on sluggish 2G networks. And by streamlining the design and only showing maps by request, it won’t burn much data for users on a budget.

Ola rideshare service already has a ‘Lite” app that’s just 1 megabyte and a 45% share of the taxi market, compared to Uber’s 35%. Uber has reported has talked with Ola about a possible merger in India.

Although with the launch of Jio and downward spiral in data prices, it’s unknown if the app will convert into new users for Uber this late into the market.


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