Hyundai goes all-in on data with Verisk partnership

Hyundai is teaming up with one of the largest data exchanges for automobiles in the world to potentially save its customers some money on insurance.

Usage-based car insurance isn’t a totally new thing, but most of the existing programs require you to plug an OBD-II dongle into your car so it can monitor your driving habits. Hyundai thinks it can do one better and is moving to integrate its BlueLink connected car platform with the Verisk Data Exchange.

Before you fire up your torches and start sharpening your pitchforks, Hyundai will only share the driving data of customers who opt in. That said, if you don’t drive much or you drive like a proverbial granny, Hyundai’s data share might end up being a great way to save some cash.

“This agreement with Hyundai further establishes the Verisk Data Exchange as the solution of choice for automakers seeking to connect their customers with innovative insurers,” said Saurabh Khemka, senior vice president and general manager for Verisk IoT/Telematics. “As growing numbers of insurers use the exchange for underwriting and claims solutions, it will help drive evolution within the insurance industry.”

While the data share is optional for drivers, all new Hyundai vehicles come with BlueLink activated and free of charge for three years. It can help drivers with features like remote start, remote lock and unlock, car finder and enhanced roadside assistance.


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