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Gadfly brings CitiHub to India

Demorcacy tech is gaining traction in enabling citizens connect with the elected officials digitally

Gadfly CitiHub brings democracy tech to India with instant access to elected representatives similar to Facebook Townhall

Gadfly CitiHub making a big play in the democracy tech space recently launched an app on the play store and app store with interactive features that connects citizens to their elected representatives. Users can access all the public social information and have a direct communication channel with their elected representatives. The app builds on the features available in Facebook Townhall.

Facebook has been a big proponent of citizen engagement with their elected representatives. In March last year they had launched Townhall in the US. Now India also has a Townhall equivalent although it is an advanced version because all the information has been geotagged to users locations.

Nikhil Bapna, President of Gadfly says, “In the case of India we have to draw digital maps for all the constituencies. This gives us accuracy which nobody else has. Our information is exhaustive and constantly checked to make sure it is error free. For a democracy like India getting to know and then building a relationship with your elected representatives can be a challenge but tools like Gadfly CitiHub take this process to the next level.”

The app available for free lists thousands of elected representatives. All 544 Members of Parliament and over 4000 State legislators in India are updated constantly with their social profiles. In addition USA and Canada national legislators are available in the app. There is also an option to crowd source the information by users and the elected reps themselves.

Gadfly CitiHub also has an ‘Are You Election Ready‘ module where it lists all candidates running for office in any upcoming election for a user’s constituency. In the case of the just concluded Karnataka State elections in India thousands of candidates were listed with the social profiles and more information that gave users a detailed list of the best candidates for each locality. The company is now involved in providing the same feature for the upcoming Ontario Provincial Elections in Canada. Over 500 candidates have been listed for the 124 seats.

Elected Representatives have been positive about Gadfly. Previously they would find it hard hearing from citizens but now they get feedback and have more interaction with their electoral base. With Gadfly, Citizen to Government interaction becomes very easy. In the age where technology is used to solve every problem hearing from citizens about their concerns and ideas gives the elected representatives clear direction on the thoughts and mood of the people. What would have been a difficult and cumbersome process now takes just a few minutes.

The app is neutral in its stance and does not favor any specific party or organization. All communication is directly between citizens and their representatives and security of the users in maintained. Developed by democracy tech company Wabi Tech, the app is free and available on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store. It is available in English and Hindi with more Indian languages being added. Nikhil Bapna, President at Wabi Tech says, “Tech already makes a huge difference in our lives. The goal going forward with Gadfly is to improve how democracy works around the world.”

Next the makers of the app are working on a blockchain system to improve the communication process between the local area residents and their elected representatives with many advanced inbuilt features like gamification and public bulletin boards.


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