Nintendo Switch games list will soon include Firewatch, the excellent PS4, Xbox, PC indie

FIREWATCH has been announced for Nintendo's hybrid console - and it's definitely something worth keeping your eye on.

Firewatch, an indie darling that won the hearts of critics and consumers alike in 2016, has been announced for the Nintendo Switch.

“We’ve been hard at work stripping much of Firewatch’s tech down to the studs and rebuilding it to render the world more quickly, to stream and load faster, and to generally be more responsive.

“Nearly everyone in the Campo Santo office has a Nintendo Switch (and the rest want one).

“We know what a good Switch game feels like, and want to make sure Firewatch feels like one too,” Jake Rodkin, Firewatch writer and designer, wrote on the developer’s blog.

All we have in terms of a release date, though, is a cryptic ‘Soon’.

The game originally released for PS4 and PC in February 2016, before coming to Xbox One a little later.

It’s pretty much agreed upon by fans of all platforms that Firewatch is an incredible experience – a fantastic story married with absolutely gorgeous visuals courtesy of designer Olly Moss.

It’ll be a great fit for the Nintendo Switch.


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