Call of Duty: WW2 Overhauling Divisions

Sledgehammer Games has given fans a reason to rejoice by completely overhauling of Divisions Systems

Listening to fan feedback is key to keeping your game fresh and appealing to new and old players months after release. Sledgehammer Games realizes this, and has revealed a complete overhaul of the Divisions system in Call of Duty: WW2 as a result of repeated suggestions from the community and feedback given from fans.

Divisions in Call of Duty: WW2 currently give extra attachments to players, like Incendiary Shells on shotguns for players who use the Expeditionary division, and suppressors on weapons for players who use the Airborne division. Notably, however, these slots are going to be changed to “selectable attachments in the loadout screen,” which will allow each Division rank to have an extra ability slot.

In addition, two Basic Training perks are going to be removed from the game. Primed, which allows the player to equip a third attachment on their primary weapon, will be cut when the overhaul releases. This is due to Sledgehammer Games adding a third attachment slot for every weapon, and allowing players to always equip a launcher as a secondary weapon. Bang, which currently gives the player an extra piece of tactical equipment, and an Mk 2 Fragmentation as a lethal, will also be removed for these reasons.

Even more notable changes to the system include all players getting unlimited sprint. This is a highly requested feature from players. Previous Call of Duty titles have featured unlimited sprint, such as Black Ops 3 and Infinite Warfare by default – with the rest offering it in the form of a perk like Marathon. However, WW2’s unlimited sprint will mean that players will have a lower overall speed, as to balance out the gun play alongside the movement involved.

The overhauled Divisions system will be included in the patch that is releasing April 10, dropping alongside Call of Duty: WW2′s second post-launch downloadable content pack The War Machine.


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